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John Faichney attends Steve Paxton's "Men's technique" dance class, part of a company-in-residence offering by the Grand Union at Oberlin College (Ohio.) While not a class in Contact Improvisation (neither the name nor the concept yet exists), the focus of the class migrates, over the course of the month, to comprise concepts and activities - for example, the 'small dance', and 'the stand' — subsequently taken-up by CI; the class culminates in a performance, *Magnesium*

 at Warner Main in the Warner Center.


Five months later Paxton initiated the first Contact Improvisation performance series, which was at the John Weber Art Gallery in New York City.


In Vancouver John Oswald attends a demonstration of contact improv at the end of a workshop by Nina Little. Contact newbie students in the workshop include Andrew Harwood and Peter Bingham.


Amerigo Marras brings Steve Paxton and associates (Nancy Stark Smith, Lisa Nelson and Danny Lepkoff) to the Centre for Experimental Art and Creation (CEAC), 15 Duncan St, Toronto.

John Faichney is the librarian at CEAC.


Somebody offers her studio on Queen to hold the first CI jam in Toronto


The contact jam moves to the Music Gallery 30 St. Patrick Street. It is hosted by John Oswald,
Tina Pearson and Paul Hodge. l it starts at 9am on Sunday morning.


Pam Johnson becomes a co-coordinator of the jam with John Oswald


The Music Gallery and contact move


The Music Gallery moves and contact moves to Debbie Wilson studios, and Pia Bouman Studios


Contact moves to Dovercourt House, it’s current home


John Newton becomes ‘Front of House’ manager



a brief history and overview by Pam Johnson

please note that this page of history is still very much in progress